Memorial Day Travel Advisory

Attention customers traveling during the Memorial Day holiday period:

Please be advised that schedules are subject to change and delays are expected due to heavy traffic patterns over the holiday travel period.

We recommend purchasing your ticket in advance, as availability may be limited if purchasing tickets day of travel.

If your trip involves connecting service, if traveling to an airport, or if you have time sensitive plans, we suggest taking an earlier departure and allowing ample travel time in order to meet your connection.

Plan to arrive at your departure location at least 45 minutes in advance.

In order to expedite the boarding process, please ensure to have your e-ticket printed and have your valid photo ID available.

As schedules are subject to change please visit our Book Your Trip tool page to confirm your travel plans prior to departing for the terminal. Details of schedule changes are also listed below.

 Passengers with tickets for affected schedules (listed below) should have their ticket re-issued (no fee) at the nearest Peter Pan ticketing location to the next available schedule.

In order to accommodate the increased number of passengers traveling during this period, buses provided on all schedules may or may not have all of the amenities (wifi/outlets etc.) offered during our regular travel periods.

Our Customer Care Center will be open on Friday May 26th from 8:00AM - 9:00PM and Monday May 29th from 8:00AM - 7:00PM


The following schedules will run on Monday, May 29 instead of Sunday, May 28, 2017.
Boston-New York               
#2527    11:00 AM
#2539    1:30 PM
#2549    3:30 PM
#2563    6:30 PM
New York-Boston               
#2538    12:30 PM
#2558    5:00 PM
#2570    7:30 PM
#1939    1:00 PM
#1945    2:30 PM                
#1944    4:15 PM
#1940    6:15 PM
Springfield-New York
#2041    2:15 PM via Hartford
#2065    6:15 PM via Hartford
Hartford-New York
#2041    3:00 PM
#2045    3:30 PM                
#2055    6:15 PM
#2065    7:00 PM
New York-Hartford/Springfield
#2048    2:15 PM to Hartford (only)
#2066    7:30 PM
#2078    9:30 PM
New York-Philadelphia
#3278    8:30 PM
Philadelphia-New York
#2174    8:00 PM via Mt. Laurel
New York-Wilmington/Baltimore/Silver Spring/Washington DC
#2409    9:45 AM to Wilmington
Washington DC/Silver Spring/Baltimore/Wilmington-New York
#2442    5:30 PM from Wilmington
The following schedules will run on Tuesday, May 30 instead of Monday, May 29, 2017.
#2072    12:15 AM
#2078    12:30 AM
The following schedules are cancelled for Monday, May 29, 2017.
Woods Hole- Boston/Boston Logan Airport
#0504    5:15 AM from Falmouth, via Bourne, Wareham
#0508    6:00 AM from Falmouth, via Bourne, Buzzards Bay
#0510    6:30 AM from Falmouth, via Bourne
Boston Logan Airport/Boston-Woods Hole
#0507    8:00 AM (8:30 AM from South Station) via Bourne, Falmouth
#0541    4:20 PM (5:00 PM from South Station) via Wareham, Bourne, Falmouth
#0547    5:30 PM from Boston South Station, via Bourne, Falmouth
Hartford-New York
#0617    11:30 AM via Farmington, Danbury
New York-Hartford/Springfield
#0604    6:15 AM via Danbury, Waterbury
Newport/Fall River –Boston South Station
#0304    5:15 AM from Somerset Park via Fall River
#0306    5:50 AM via Middletown, Portsmouth, Fall River
#0320    2:00 PM via Middletown, Portsmouth, Fall River
Boston South Station-Fall River/Newport
#0319    4:30 PM via Fall River, Portsmouth, Middletown
#0323    5:30 PM via to Fall River, Somerset
Commuter Services
Worcester/Framingham to Boston commuter service will run as normally scheduled.
CT commuter services (on behalf of CT Transit) will run not run on Monday, May 29, 2017.

Foxwoods Casino Services

Service will run as scheduled.



Have a safe and happy holiday – from Peter Pan Bus Lines!

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