Senior fares

Peter Pan passengers aged sixty two (62) and older may request a five (5%) percent discount on standard terminal fares on Peter Pan schedules and those of participating bus carriers. Not available on Greyhound Canada routes. Valid photo ID may be required.

Senior fares are only available for purchase at terminals and agencies and are not available online. Fares are subject to change until purchase.

The senior fare may not be combined with any other discounts including the advance, children, student, military, commuter or casino discounts.

Please inform the agent you would like the discount before purchase as we are not able to assume a customer is eligible for a specific discount and refunds are not provided for discounts, or any difference in fare, once the sale is complete.

Fares vary based on date and time of travel, and available seats for each departure. Fares are subject to change at any time, without notification.

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