Prepaid ticket orders

Prepaid ticket orders (PTO) are available at major ticketing locations allowing you to send a ticket to another person in another location for travel.

Tickets are date and time specific and sold at the standard adult terminal fare. The buyer pays a non-refundable service charge at time of purchase, regardless of number of tickets purchased.

Tickets can only be sent to participating terminals within the continental U.S.A. where PTO’s are accepted. Both service stations must be open at the time of the transaction and the ticket pickup.

Buyer and recipient should allow three hours from time of purchase to departure time to complete the transaction. Valid photo ID, or a password, is required to pick up the ticket. The recipient has ten (10) days from the date of purchase to pick up the ticket.

Only the purchaser may cancel the ticket or apply for a refund (if the ticket is refundable).

Fares vary based on date and time of travel, and available seats for each departure. Fares are subject to change at any time, without notification.

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