Traveling during holidays

Peter Pan runs service every day including holidays. Along with additional schedules, additional coaches are added to accommodate the increased number of customers utilizing our services during peak travel periods.

If traveling during a holiday period we recommend arriving at your departure location least forty five (45) minutes in advance to secure your place in the queue at the gate.

Due to increased travel by motorists during holiday periods, please understand delays beyond our control are anticipated. Please plan on traveling on an earlier schedule if you are connecting to an airport, making a bus transfer or have time sensitive plans at your destination.

Depending on the holiday and the day of the week the holiday falls we either add additional schedules or adjust schedules to run on a different day than normally scheduled in select markets to best accommodate customers.

Any change in service will be made available to customers in two (2) ways:

1. Holiday Travel Announcements are posted as a banner across the top of our website home page prior to the holiday listing which services are being adjusted during the holiday period
2. Website schedules are adjusted to reflect the planned services during the holiday period

Prior to your trip we suggest confirming your intended planned schedule by viewing the website advisory, checking your schedule online, or contacting us at 1-800-343-9999.

If connecting to or from another bus carrier, mode of transit, or using local transit, please check with that carrier for any possible changes in service.

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