Baggage claims

Baggage claims can be filed for misplaced or damaged checked-in baggage/items on long distance trips that ended on a Peter Pan schedule - we do not check baggage on our routes.

Baggage claims must be made at a Peter Pan full service terminal ticket counter within thirty (30) days from the time the passenger arrived at the destination to which the baggage was checked.

We will need the following items (additional items may be required):

• Your contact information
• Travel itinerary
• Description and value of the misplaced/damaged item(s)
• Your ticket confirmation number and ticket receipt
• Checked baggage number and receipt(s)

If your claim is regarding a damaged baggage/item(s) customers should also bring the damaged item to have the damaged item inspected. To better assist us, we suggest customers include a detailed statement as to how the damage was caused, as well as photos of the damages and their ticket receipt/confirmation number.

The inspection report must be completed within fourteen (14) days of the arrival date and will be attached to the baggage claim. The form(s) should be mailed to:

Peter Pan Bus Lines
ATTN: Baggage Claims
1 Roundhouse Plaza, Suite 2
Northampton, MA 01060

On all claims, the customer will provide Peter Pan Bus Lines fourteen (14) business days (from the date the claim is received) to investigate and process the claim. Additional time may be required for specific claims where further investigation or documents are required.

A letter will be sent to the customer stating outcome of claim

Further information on baggage liability is available here.






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