Prohibited items

The following items are prohibited from all baggage (both carry-on and baggage stored in the bus baggage compartment):

• Acids
• Alcoholic beverages or liquor (including beer, ale and wine)
• Ammunition
• Animals, pets (see note below*)
• Articles exceeding baggage size limitations
• Backpacks, baggage or other items with attached or protruding articles
• Batteries containing liquid acids
• Combustible liquids
• Corpses or ashes of cremated corpses
• Cylinders containing compressed gases
• Explosives
• Films - flammable
• Firearms, all types
• Fireworks
• Flammable items
• Furniture
• Gases
• Hazardous (dangerous) articles
• Live fish, poultry, reptiles
• Matches, strike-anywhere
• Materials that have a disagreeable odor
• Merchandise for resale (except sample baggage)
• Phonograph records
• Poisons
• Radioactive materials
• Television sets
• Weapons (includes toy and replica weapons)


The following additional items are prohibited from baggage stored in the bus baggage compartments - these items should only be stored in carry-on baggage:

• Jewelry
• Laptop computers
• Money
• Passports
• Perishable items, including foodstuffs
• Prescription medication (doctor prescribed) - must be kept in the possession of the passenger at all times
• *Service animals, assisting a passenger with a disability, are permitted on board



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