Wheelchair lift accessible coaches

Our coaches are equipped with wheelchair lifts which can accommodate most power and manual wheelchairs and scooters.

When using a wheelchair lift-equipped bus, the combined weight of the customer and mobility aid cannot exceed 600 pounds. The mobility aid can be no more than 30 inches wide and 48 inches in height.

Scooters are not able to be stored in the baggage compartment and should be transported on the coach. Scooters are to be placed on the bus using the wheelchair lift.

Customers are welcome to contact our Customer Care Center at 1-800-343-9999 prior to your departure and provide us with information about your specific travel needs and intended schedule so we can better assist you.

Please note, the on board wheelchair secured area utilizes six (6) seating spaces. When booking your trip(s), if six (6) seats are not available on the current schedule, please select another schedule for travel with available seating.

If purchasing your ticket in person, please notify the ticket agent if you require a wheelchair lift equipped coach. If purchasing your ticket online, we highly suggest contacting our Customer Care Center with your travel itinerary and ticket number(s) in order to confirm your reservation and assistance needs.

Upon boarding the coach, if the wheelchair secured area seats are occupied, the driver, other Peter Pan personnel and/or contractor may ask the seated customer to move. If the person occupying the seat refuses, he or she cannot be forced to move.


Storing and Handling Your Mobility Aid:

Your mobility aid(s) may travel inside the bus if they can be safely stowed in the overhead compartment. Mobility aids that cannot be safely stowed inside the bus will be placed in the baggage compartment, if possible (please note power wheelchairs and scooters are not able to be stowed under the bus in the baggage compartments due to weight and size restrictions).

The maximum dimension of the baggage compartment is 33 inches x 33 inches x 48 inches. The maximum weight limit for mobility aids is 200 pounds. Mobility aids that exceed these dimensions and/or weight limits will not be accepted. Please allow sufficient time for the stowing any mobility aid; this will assist in preventing delays in the departure of the bus.

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