The boarding process

Boarding and seating is on a first-come, first-serve basis, however passengers on select routes are boarded in accordance with the boarding number that is printed on the ticket. In order to assist in expediting the boarding process and insure your reserved seat is not released to standby or commuter passengers, we strongly advise our ticketed passengers to be at their departure gate at least 15 minutes prior to the schedule departure time, in order to secure your place in the boarding queue.

If departing from a bus terminal, approximately fifteen (15) minutes prior to departure a boarding announcement stating the schedule time, destination (and any intermediate stops), and departure gate number will be made. Any significant delays in departure or change in gate assignment will also be announced.

If traveling with an e-ticket (a ticket purchased online) please have your e-ticket printed (single-sided) and a valid photo ID (for each traveler) prepared to give to the driver/gate representative.

In some situations where we run multiple buses on the same schedule, we may divide the boarding line by destination to improve the efficiency of the boarding process. Any changes in the boarding gate number will be announced.

What to expect during your journey...

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