Is my ticket refundable?

E-tickets purchased online at are non-refundable. If you are unable to travel on your intended itinerary we suggest re-issuing your ticket for another travel date and time.

Tickets purchased at a terminal or agency may have both non-refundable and refundable (subject to a cancellation fee) ticket options. Refer to your ticket for whether the ticket is refundable, or not.

Sample of a non-refundable ticket:

Picture of a non-refundable ticket


Sample of a refundable ticket, subject to a cancellation fee:

 Picture of a refundable ticket

If refundable, partially used round trip-tickets or unused connection portions may be submitted for refund when either the going, return or connecting portion is completely unused. The refund will be based on the fare paid minus the one-way fare, and minus the 20% cancellation fee on the remaining ticket portion value.


Additional Refund Information:

Expired tickets and tickets redeemed for travel do not have any refund or monetary value.

When a ticket is re-issued to another day/time the original ticket which was re-issued does not have refund or monetary value.

If you chose to end your trip by exiting at another service location other than the location stated on the ticket, the ticket is considered redeemed for travel and is not able to be refunded.

We are not able to refund, reprint or replace any misplaced, stolen or illegible tickets.

Commuter tickets are non-refundable.

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