Changing your ticket itinerary

The date(s) and time(s) of travel can be re-issued in person at ticket counters or by contacting Customer Care (during business hours) at 800-343-9999.

A re-issue cost of $15.00 - $20.00 will apply, per ticket.

The re-issue must take place by the day before the travel date on the ticket (ex: for travel on May 8, the ticket should be re-issued by May 7).

Tickets not re-issued by the day before the original departure day, or purchased on the same day of travel are not eligible for re-issue - a new ticket for the newly intended travel date/time should be purchased. The original ticket will remain non-refundable.


If changing your ticket in person, the re-issue fee can only be paid in cash.

Tickets purchased in person, at ticket counters or kiosks, are only able to be re-issued in person, at a ticket counter.

Passenger names and origin/destination are not able to be changed (or origin/destination reversed) after purchase. A new ticket should be purchased with the intended passenger names, origin and destination.


-Tickets can be re-issued for travel up to 11 months from the date of change.

-If changing your ticket in person, the original ticket must be presented to the ticket agent at time of re-issue.

-Applicable holiday blackout restrictions may apply.

-Commuter tickets cannot be re-issued, changed or extended.

If you have an advance fare ticket (Example: 7, 14 or 21 day advance ticket) and would like to leave before the day and time originally selected during purchase, the ticket change fee (as stated above, based on your ticket) applies in addition to any fare difference between the fare originally paid and the current fare for the day and time of actual departure. Advance fare tickets are only able to be re-issued in person at ticket counters.

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