We suggest arriving at your departure location at least thirty (30) minutes prior to departure. This will allow you time to purchase your ticket, tag your baggage, locate the departure gate, and secure your place in queue at the departure gate.

During peak travel periods and holidays please anticipate terminals and coaches will be busier than normal and we suggest arriving between thirty (30) and forty five (45) minutes prior to departure.

If you require travel information or assistance with a ticket, many terminals are staffed extended hours for your convenience.

Boarding begins fifteen (15) minutes prior to departure. Seating once on the bus is on a first-come, first-serve basis.

In order to assist in expediting the boarding process and insure your space on the bus is reserved for you, we strongly advise passengers to be at the departure gate at least 15 minutes prior to the schedule departure time.

You can use our "Find Location" page to find more information, including boarding gates, to all our service locations

Upon boarding, a printed ticket is not required! Customers can present either their ticket (including the bar code and/or QR code) on an electronic device.

If customers prefer, we still accept printed tickets. Please have your valid photo ID out and ready to show our driver.

Customers who purchased tickets at terminals/agencies will still receive a paper ticket to give to our driver