General Terms and Conditions

Thank you for choosing Peter Pan Bus Lines, Inc., (Peter Pan Bus Lines or PPBL), for your transportation needs. We have more than ninety years of hands-on experience in the ground transportation industry and are committed to providing you with a safe, first-class transportation experience. This document sets forth the terms and conditions of the agreement between you (the “customer” or “you”) and Peter Pan Bus Lines relative to the transportation services that you have requested. By utilizing PPBL services, you agree that you understand the effect of the terms and conditions and you agree to be bound by the terms and conditions.

 To ensure the highest levels of customer service, please use our online system at If you have additional questions, please contact us by phone or email.


Peter Pan Bus Line tickets are non-refundable, limited as endorsed and are non-transferable by passengers or among passengers. The unauthorized resale of tickets is strictly prohibited and will be prosecuted. No reservations are accepted unless expressly stated otherwise. Tickets are valid ONLY for the scheduled date and time for which the ticket has been purchased. Peter Pan Bus Line’s is not responsible for lost or stolen tickets.

  1. FARES and FEES:

Fares are valid ONLY for the scheduled date and time selected. Discount fares are subject to date, time and schedule restrictions. Fares may be subject to additional charges including taxes, fees and carrier price differences. For non-refundable and advance purchase tickets, departure dates and times may be changed as far in advance of the departure date as possible for a fee plus the cost difference of the new ticket if applicable. Passengers may reschedule travel dates with the Peter Pan Bus App or online at    Tickets not exchanged prior to the schedule departure time(s) are not eligible for re-issue.  A new ticket for the newly intended travel date/time will need to be purchased. Fares are subject to change. Peak and holiday travel blackouts may apply. Fares are payable in U.S. dollars only unless stated otherwise. The original ticket will remain non-refundable. The difference in cost of the ticket and our standard reissue fee will apply! Please refer to our website for details.


Passengers may pay an extra fee to render the fare refundable.  Refundable fares are only valid on unused tickets purchased prior to departure.  If a passenger used one way of a round trip ticket, the unused portion is refundable if the refundable fare fee has been paid. All  refund requests must be submitted in writing to Peter Pan’s Customer Care online at at least two hours prior to departure date and time. Only tickets that are purchased as refundable fares are considered refundable.  The fare refunded does not include the refundable fare fee or other ticketing fees.  The fare itself is the only portion that will be refunded. Fare refunds will be processed within 5-7 business days to the original method of payment.


Passengers must present either their ticket (including the bar code) and/or QR code on an electronic device, or a printed ticket (printed single-sided), and a valid photo ID (matching the customer’s name on the ticket) to the driver/gate representative.

Passengers who purchase tickets in person at a ticket counter will receive a paper ticket to present to the driver when boarding.


Special fares are subject to availability.  If the quoted fare price is no longer available at the time of final booking, the current price will apply and be displayed as an option.


Departure dates and times are subject to change. Carrier is not responsible for delays in connections caused by conditions beyond its reasonable control including, but not limited to, breakdowns, equipment failure, accidents, and road, traffic or weather conditions. Carrier shall not be liable for, and expressly disclaims responsibility for, any loss, damage delay, or expense arising as a result of such condition. Accommodations for senior passengers or passengers with a disability, seating is on a first come/first served basis and is without regard to race, color, creed, national origin or any other protected characteristic. Customers are required to be at their departure gate at least 15 minutes prior to the scheduled departure time. The bus will leave on time and PPBL is not responsible for late passengers.


PPBL is not responsible for lost or stolen items, baggage or belongings.  Peter Pan Bus Lines does not check bags. Peter Pan Bus Lines is not liable for baggage, the contents of baggage, or personnel belongings. Passengers are expected to keep their personnel belongings, especially valuables such as cell phones, tablets, laptops in their possession at all times while travelling. The carrier is not liable for any lost, stolen or damaged personnel belongings. All baggage must be claimed promptly upon arrival at the destination terminal. PPBL suggests that nothing of value be brought on the bus.

Peter Pan Bus Lines does not assume any liability for lost, stolen or damaged baggage and/or personal property. Peter Pan Bus Lines is not responsible for any items left on the bus after a passenger(s) has disembarked the bus and/or at the destination or conclusion of the trip. Passengers shall be responsible for removing and controlling his/her own personal property and baggage. Peter Pan Bus Lines shall not be liable for any injuries to a passenger or passengers caused by or resulting from the falling or shifting of baggage while in transit. In no event will PPBL transport personal property, baggage or items unless the owner of the personal property has purchased a ticket and is travelling on the same coach as the baggage. Customers should keep their personal belongings, especially valuables such as cell phones, tablets, laptops and medications in their possession at all times. Peter Pan Bus is not liable for any lost, stolen or damaged personal belongings. All baggage must be claimed promptly upon arrival at the destination. Peter Pan Bus Lines has no responsibility for damage, breakage, deterioration, delay, and/or loss of any prohibited article or any article not specifically defined as acceptable in baggage service or for damage, breakage, deterioration, delay, and/or loss caused by such unauthorized articles to other baggage belonging to the same customer.

Peter Pan Bus Lines maximum liability to you for any loss or damage to your luggage is US $250 per passenger for any such loss or damage to luggage, and Peter Pan Bus will only be responsible to reimburse passengers up to the maximum liability limit in the event of negligence on the part of Peter Pan Bus.

Customers traveling outside of Peter Pan’s service network, connecting to/from other carriers, or if checking baggage for transportation over the lines of other carriers, the ticket issuing carrier does not assume responsibility for the transportation over the lines of other carriers, except as responsibility may be imposed by law or agreements between carriers with respect to baggage.


The following items are prohibited from all baggage (both carry-on and baggage stored in the bus baggage compartment):

  • Acids
  • Alcoholic beverages or liquor (including beer, ale and wine)
  • Ammunition
  • Animals, pets (see note below*)
  • Articles exceeding baggage size limitations
  • Backpacks, baggage or other items with attached or protruding articles
  • Batteries containing liquid acids
  • Combustible liquids
  • Corpses or ashes of cremated corpses
  • Cylinders containing compressed gases
  • Explosives
  • Films – flammable
  • Firearms, all types
  • Fireworks
  • Flammable items
  • Furniture
  • Gases
  • Hazardous (dangerous) articles
  • Live fish, poultry, reptiles
  • Matches, strike-anywhere
  • Materials that have a disagreeable odor
  • Merchandise for resale (except sample baggage)
  • Phonograph records
  • Poisons
  • Radioactive materials
  • Television sets
  • Weapons (includes toy and replica weapons)

The following additional items are prohibited from baggage stored in the bus baggage compartments – these items should only be stored in carry-on baggage:

  • Jewelry
  • Laptop computers
  • Money
  • Passports
  • Perishable items, including foodstuffs
  • Prescription medication (doctor prescribed) – must be kept in the possession of the passenger at all times
  • *Service animals, assisting a passenger with a disability, are permitted on board



Peter Pan Bus Lines, Inc. is not responsible for personal property of any nature left behind or lost on the coach, in the terminal or in any terminal or on a charter stay. If we are able to find an item left behind, Peter Pan Bus Lines, Inc. will ship it at the registered passenger’s expense to the registered passenger upon request. Shipping charges will be charged to the registered passenger once we are given a valid credit card number.  Items unclaimed will be held for a maximum of 14 days at which time Peter Pan Bus Lines, Inc. reserves the right to dispose of or donate the item(s) to a local charity in the discretion of Peter Pan Bus Lines, Inc.

Peter Pan Bus Lines maximum liability to you for any loss or damage to your luggage is US $250 per passenger for any such loss or damage to luggage, and Peter Pan Bus will only be responsible to reimburse passengers up to the maximum liability limit in the event of negligence on the part of Peter Pan Bus.


Children age 15 and under must be accompanied on the same bus by a parent, legal guardian, or another passenger at least 16 years old. Any traveler, regardless of age, occupying a seat must pay the applicable adult fare. Travelers age 16 and up qualify as an adult when traveling.  One child under two (2) years of age does not require a ticket to travel but must travel on the adult’s/guardian’s lap for the duration of the trip for safety purposes. If traveling with more than one (1) child under the age of two (2), a ticket should be purchased for the second child and the child should be secured safely in the seat next to the guardian.



Any traveler who intends to travel in a wheeled mobility device is encouraged to book as far in advance as possible. This is important because seating is limited for all passengers, many trips involve multiple carriers and some schedules are reservation only. Peter Pan Bus Lines may not be able to accommodate all customers traveling in a wheeled mobility device as each bus is limited to two passengers traveling in a wheeled mobility device. If you have questions or concerns regarding your travel contact Peter Pan Customer Service at 413-523-7100.


Peter Pan Bus Lines will allow passengers to bring with them a small dog or a cat (no other pets allowed) on board all their motor coaches as long as the pet is inside of a pet carrier. The combined weight of the pet and the carrier may not exceed 25 pounds. The carrier may be hard or soft sided but must be leak proof and well ventilated. The maximum size for the pet carriers is 19” long x 14” wide x 10.5 high. The pet carrier must allow the pet to stand up, turn around, and lie down in a natural position while inside the pet carrier.


Pets must remain entirely inside the carrier throughout the duration of the trip. The pet carrier must be placed on the floor of the coach, under the seat. The pet must be at least eight weeks old and must be under the control of a passenger at all times. The pet must be odorless, harmless, not disruptive/aggressive, and require no attention during travel. A pet carrier will count as one piece of carry-on baggage.  Peter Pan Bus Lines reserves the right to refuse acceptance of any pet, in its discretion, and may remove any pet exhibiting behavior that violates our policy, in its discretion. A passenger requiring the assistance of an animal must request permission for the animal to board the bus and the animal must meet the PPBL pet policy.

Peter Pan Bus lines reserves the right to change and/or modify the schedule of a passenger(s) travelling with a pet in the event that any passenger and/or driver has allergic symptoms that could impair their health or effect the operator’s ability to safely operate the motor coach.

  1. Service Animals:

A service animal means any dog that is individually trained to do work or perform tasks for the benefit of the individual with a disability will be permitted to travel at no additional charge. The service animal must be under the control of the owner at all times and must not pose a direct threat to the health or safety of others, in the sole discretion of Peter Pan Bus Lines.

Peter Pan Bus lines reserves the right to change and/or modify the schedule of a passenger travelling with a service animal or pet in the event that any passenger and/or driver has allergic symptoms that could impair their health or effect the operator’s ability to safely operate the motor coach.


  1. Other Support or Therapy Animals:

While Emotional Support Animals or Comfort Animals are often used as part of a medical treatment plan as therapy animals, they are not considered service animals under the ADA. These support animals provide companionship, relieve loneliness, and sometimes help with depression, anxiety, and certain phobias, but do not have special training to perform tasks that assist people with disabilities. Even though some states have laws defining therapy animals, these animals are not limited to working with people with disabilities and therefore are not covered by federal laws protecting the use of service animals. Therapy animals provide people with therapeutic contact, usually in a clinical setting, to improve their physical, social, emotional, and/or cognitive functioning. PPBL pet policy applies to support animals.


Peter Pan Bus Lines is responsible only for transportation on its own lines in accordance with applicable tariffs and limitations and assumes no responsibility for any acts or omissions of others, including interline partners, except as imposed by law. In no event shall carrier be liable for consequential or incidental damages for loss, damage or delay, including weather delays.

Peter Pan Bus Lines maximum liability to you for any loss or damage to your luggage is US $250 per passenger for any such loss or damage to luggage, and Peter Pan Bus will only be responsible to reimburse passengers up to the maximum liability limit in the event of negligence on the part of Peter Pan Bus.


PPBL prohibits smoking of any kind, the use of tobacco products, drugs, alcohol on the bus. This includes the use of electronic simulated smoking materials, e cigarettes, vapes, marijuana, and smokeless cigarettes. Passengers are not permitted to bring alcoholic beverages or drugs of any nature on board the bus.


Peter Pan Bus Lines shall have the right refuse to transport a passenger or shall have the right to remove a passenger from the motorcoach at any point due to reasons of health and security, conduct that is disorderly, offensive, abusive, illegal, and violent or interferes with the duties of the driver or other passengers.

  1. Disease Transmission: Waiver of Liability Relating to Coronavirus/COVID-19 and other disease transmission.

 COVID-19, is extremely contagious disease. The virus and all known variants is believed to spread from person-to-person contact and/or by contact with contaminated surfaces and objects, and even possibly in the air. People reportedly can be infected and show no symptoms and therefore spread the disease. The exact methods of spread and contraction are unknown, and there is no known treatment or cure for COVID-19.

Peter Pan Bus Lines, Inc. (“PPBL”) cannot prevent its passengers from becoming exposed to, contracting, or spreading COVID-19 while utilizing PPBL’s services or premises. It is not possible to prevent against the presence of the disease. Therefore, if you choose to utilize PPBL’s services and travel with PPBL by boarding PPBL’s buses, coaches and entering its terminals, you may be exposing yourself to and/or increasing your risk of contracting or spreading COVID-19 or other disease of unknown nature. PPBL has taken significant steps to comply with all safety precautions and exceed the known protocols of safety, including sanitizing and disinfecting all buses and developing contact free ticketing and boarding procedures. PPBL has developed, adopted and published protocols for the safety of PPBL passengers and employees while traveling with PPBL. PPBL will enforce the policy strictly.  Passengers must comply with the policy in order to travel with PPBL.  Please see for details.



I have read and understand the above warning concerning COVID-19 and other infectious diseases. I hereby choose to accept the risk of contracting COVID-19 or any other infectious disease for myself and/or my children and pets in order to utilize PPBL’s services, travel on PPBL buses, coaches and enter its terminals. These services are of such value to me and/or to my children and pets that I accept the risk of being exposed to contracting and/or spreading COVID-19 or other infectious disease in order to utilize PPBL’s services.


I hereby forever release and waive my right to bring suit against PPBL and its owners, officers, directors, managers, officials, trustees, agents, employees, or utilizing PPBL’s services, buses, coaches and terminal premises. I understand that this waiver means I give up my right to bring any claims against PPBL including for illness, discomfort, personal injuries, death, disease, lost wages, property losses, lost or stolen property or any other loss, including but not limited to claims of negligence and I give up any claim I may have to seek damages against PPBL, whether know or unknown, foreseen or unforeseen. By purchasing a ticket and using the services of PPBL, I agree to be bound by the provisions of these Terms and Conditions. PPBL cannot prevent hackers from accessing data without authority.  In the event that the PPBL Site is hacked, PPBL will provide notification to its users in a timely manner so that all users are alerted to the risk of disclosure of private information.


© 2023 Peter Pan Bus Lines, Inc.

All Rights Reserved





I understand and agree that the laws of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts will apply to this contract.
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PPBL is committed to serving people with disabilities in accordance with its obligations under the ADA. Individuals should contact PPBL with questions, concerns, or complaints regarding travel for customers with disabilities. Our contact information is listed below.


If you have disability, we’ll do everything we can to help you have a comfortable journey when you ride with Peter Pan. While some disabilities and needs may be obvious to our employees, others are not, and you may be served by several different representatives of PPBL along the way. It is essential that you ask for assistance at each location where you need help, including each driver if you have different drivers for multiple legs of your trip.

If you are having trouble purchasing tickets electronically due to a disability, one of our Customer Service Representatives will be happy to help you by phone at (413)-523-7100. You may also email PPBL if you are having problems due to your disability at

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